About Blaze

Blaze is an alternative Campfire web client. Blaze aims to improve on the existing Campfire web client by delivering a modern HTML 5 experience.

Blaze utilises Ajax throughout to provide a seamless experience when changing rooms, uploading files, watching linked video files etc.

By leveraging new features in HTML 5, Blaze is able to deliver a superior user experience by utilising desktop integration features such as pop-up notifications and drag-drop file upload.

Blaze is being actively developed:

  • Request new features on Uservoice
  • Check out the current task list on Trello
  • The source code is up on Github
To get in touch with me:

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  • Efficient use of space. Blaze makes much more efficient use of space than the standard campfire client.

    Multiple Join / Leave messages are compressed to take up a single line rather than many.

    Timestamps are shown subtely to the right of each message rather than consuming a separate line.

  • Ajax user interface. Where Campfire will only show updates to the room you are currently in, Blaze shows all of your open rooms in a tabbed interface where all rooms are updated in real time.

    When a new message arrives in another room, the tab is highlighted and shows the number of new messages.

  • Window title updates. The number of unread messages show in the window title, enabling 'glow' effect on pinned tabs in Chrome/Firefox

  • Avatars. Blaze will show your Campfire avatar, if you have configured one. If not, we will even try to display your Gravatar image.

  • Drag / Drop file upload.Simply drag files from your desktop onto the page to upload the file to the room.

  • Hilight my conversations. Blaze will hilight messages sent from you in yellow. It will also hilight messages where you are mentioned.

  • Flexible notifications . Blaze ensures you won't miss those messages by providing you with several ways to be notified when new messages arrive in a room. These notifications can be configured on individual rooms.

    Currently supported notification types are desktop (popup) notifications (webkit browsers only) and audible notifications

  • Inline Content Providers. Why leave Blaze? We'll show those Tweets, Images, Youtube/Vimeo videos, Soundcloud clips (and many more!) inline. All in nice collapsible panels so that they are out of your way when you are done with them!